This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


RFor nearly 20 years I’ve researched the topic of romance. Probably read dozens of books, articles and studies on the topic, written a couple books, and have ideas for more books. My computer has an archive of over 300 of these Memos. 

You know one of the biggest things I’ve discovered about romance? 

Different people find different actions romantic.
Different people romance their sweetheart in different ways.
What’s romantic to me might not be romantic to you. 

Recently I was surprised by the manner a lady romanced her sweetheart. It involved a Coke bottle, an iron and pants. 

Every day, the writer’s grandma ironed her husband’s (sweetheart’s) work pants. She’d fill a glass Coke bottle with homemade starch, sprinkle the mixture on the pants and iron them. 

His grandpa’s occupation – a farmer. His work pants – jeans. 

When asked why she ironed the old farmer’s work jeans, her face lit up. She explained, “He’s the most handsome man in the world.” She ironed his jeans because she loved to show him off and make all the other women in the world jealous of her catch. 

When pushed to explain how this skinny, balding, bifocal-wearing farmer could be the most handsomest man, she confided:
He is a man worthy of respect,
His face lights up when he smiles, and
He has made me feel beautiful.

Romance doesn’t always involve flowers or moonlit walks. It doesn’t need expensive dinners or diamond rings. 

Romance can be created with the little things of life – special things done just for one’s sweetheart. 

Sometimes romance is fashioned from grandma’s Coke bottle, an iron and jeans. 


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